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The risk: hospital-acquired infection

Even in countries with the most advanced hygiene standards, nosocomial infections top the list of disease cases. These healthcare-associated infections, HCAI, are even among the top ten causes of death, something demonstrated by various sources*. Given the worldwide increase in health risks and hygiene requirements, hospital equipment suppliers are also under pressure. If life-threatening microbes or multi-resistant pathogens can settle around patients’ beds, all possible countermeasures should be taken. One solution is healthLine cabling to help protect patients and staff. If appropriately in place, IT and network technology can contribute to reducing the risk of nosocomial infection. What are the options for permanently equipping such inconspicuous but essential components as patch cords and network outlets with antimicrobial agents?


USACE Ireland Army Health Clinic
Fort Knox, KY

“In my 20 years of being in the industry, AEG’s submittal and attention to detail on getting this done was the best that I’ve ever seen.”

Jason Boothe MEP Project Manager II


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