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Academy Energy Group (AEG), a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), exists to Go into Battle Every Day to Protect and Serve our Partners. AEG is a consultative Electrical, Mechanical, Solar PV, & Communications Products Distributor, that also provides Pre-Construction Design Services. We take a collaborative approach to project team development, to evaluate and incorporate application specific technologies and solutions to meet our Partner’s needs. Our goal is to overcome the emerging obstacles to bring their project vision to fruition.

AEG At-A-Glance


  • Pre-Construction Services
  • Solar PV Design & Commissioning
  • Energy & Lighting Consulting
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Consulting
  • Resiliency - Microgrid - Storage
  • Power Quality Consulting
  • Communications Design Support
  • Practices

  • Project Management
  • Technical Compliance Framework
  • Vendor Management Collaboration
  • Contract Compliance
  • Quality Control
  • OUR Practices

    PMI PMBOK Definition - Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements.

    AEG’s Project Management program provides value to customers by applying the knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques recognized in the project management industry to meet customer requirements.

    AEG incorporates stringent technical compliance reviews to ensure requirements are well defined, differences from quotes are clearly understood and resolved, and actions identified to fulfill requirements.


    AEG’s focused approach on collaborating and developing relationships, controlling costs, driving service excellence, and mitigating risk with their vendors provides increased value to our customers.

    AEG’s detailed commercial compliance review reduces risk of unplanned scope changes for contract requirements that were not understood, and supports alignment with the customer on successful contract execution.

    AEG’s commitment to quality includes both ensuring compliance with processes for contract execution (Quality Assurance), as well as ensuring deliverables meet contract requirements (Quality Control).

    Our Leadership Team

    Andy Lynch

    Executive VP | Business and Project Development - Mobile Phone: (312) 931-7443

    Brian Schmidt

    Executive VP | Operations

    Robert "Bobby" Frank

    Executive VP | New York

    Gregg Harrington

    Director of Project Management

    Our Guiding Principles

    Integrity: Say/Do Ratio

    Ethics: Acting in Truth

    Innovate to Differentiate

    Adhering to The Higher Power

    Service to Others

    Collaborate to Deliver

    Partnering to Win

    Our Vision

    Over the next decade, both construction and energy efficiency projects, will face new hurdles such as: changing consumer demands, supply chain issues, energy code changes, changing technologies, increased cyber-security attacks, resiliency demands, healthy building requirements, and unprecedented regulatory demands. These challenges will add significant risks to projects scopes, increase stress to people, and will require project teams to collaborate in order to find comprehensive solutions from the design and delivery phases to the close out and handover phases to achieve success.

    The utilization of the status quo mindset of project delivery to conquer these risks will push the project members to further focus solely on themselves, will narrow their focus to individual scope requirements only, will cause less teamwork, will shift the goals away from the owner’s, and will limit or diminish the project team’s success.

    The old way of doing business by using the buy/sell or prime/sub relationship simply will not work. Adversarial and siloed project delivery methods, mindsets, and people will not adequately deliver successful projects. Owners will need agile and collaborative project teams to develop, evaluate, and incorporate application specific technologies and solutions to meet their needs, and overcome the emerging obstacles to bring their vision to fruition.

    Built upon both the successful and painful lessons learned, Academy Energy Group’s (AEG) approach to support and guide teams in stressful environments, is to light the path to find solutions for the “Group”. We empower people to use their skills, gifts, and talents to unlock solutions and deliver results for our project teammates, the owners, and the end-users.

    Our vision is to promote and demonstrate the power of partnerships and how the collaborative approach to project delivery will be the best choice to achieve success in the future. Our approach is built upon an environment that cultivates innovative solutions, fosters mutual respect amongst team members, and provides service to others throughout the project.

    The foundation of AEG’s collaborative Partnership approach is open, honest, direct, and transparent communication fueled by selfless service.

    By 2032, AEG we will be involved in 25 truly collaborative customer Partnerships.


    Academy Energy Group (AEG) is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and certified and verified by:

    • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (SDVOSB) (CVE)
    • New York State Certified (SDVOB)
    • Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (PANYNJ) (SDVOB)
    • Maryland Veteran Small Business Enterprise (VSBE)
    • Indiana Veteran Owned Small Business (IVOSB)

    OUR Story

    Bill Morrison and Andy Lynch are the Founders and Principals of Academy Energy Group, an Electrical Products Distributor.  After working together at GEXPRO, formerly GE Supply, they discovered unmet needs in both the Federal and Corporate markets for Veteran Owned and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). 


    Bill had the Finance, Operations, and Management experience and background.  Andy had the Project Development, Business Development, and Technical Experience in the market. Adding Brian Schmidt, a master at execution and customer service, as an owner and partner, was the final piece of the puzzle needed to launch Academy Energy Group.

    The first idea of starting this venture occurred after Andy Lynch led a Design-Build Solar PV Project Development effort.  This included the Pre-Construction, Design Development, Application Engineering, Product Selection, and Submittals for a 500kW solar carport for the U.S. Marines at Quantico, VA for a General Contractor and Electrical Engineer. 


    Bill and Andy saw the need, trusted each other, and founded the company. Brian Schmidt, former GEXPRO/GE Supply Sales Engineer, was asked to join as a Principal of the company and is now the EVP of Operations.


    Academy Energy Group provides products and services to support lighting design, design development, application engineering, product selection, supply, and systems commissioning for Automation, Power, Lighting, Control, and Renewable/Solar PV.  We supply products for energy demand reduction, energy generation, and electrical and control infrastructure.

    We serve the Federal Government, the Department of Defense, Corporate, and Industrial Clients and the Prime/Sub-Contractors serving these end users. Our focus markets include:


    • Design-Build General Contractors & Electrical Contractors
    • Department of Defense
    • Government
    • Education
    • Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) & Lighting Contractors
    • Engineer, Procurement and Construction (EPC)
    • Utilities & Energy Generation
    • Transportation
    • Healthcare
    • Data Center & Communications


    We strive to help our client partners win business by supporting their proposal’s technical narrative responses in addition to achieving small business subcontracting plans (SDVOSB).  We provide pre-construction services (LEED Point Strategy, design, scope, schedule, budget, risk allocation), project design development, application specific product recommendations for electrical projects, procurement of high quality products from leading manufacturers, and logistical management of materials to the project site for installation.


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    Fordham university
    Statue of st. Ignatius

    What's in a name?

    Founded on the principles that the founders learned and lived at their educational institutions. Bill Morrison attended The United States Military Academy at West Point, NY. Andy Lynch attended Loyola Academy in Wilmette, IL. Both Schools teach the values of Integrity, Loyalty, Teamwork, and Service to others.
    The focus of the company, its products, and expertise of the team; Energy Demand Reduction, Energy Generation, Design-Build, and Industrial Applications.
    The collaborative teamwork effort required for success.

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